Friday, August 13, 2010

Ale got her VISA

MY SISTER ALEJANDRA GOT HER VISA AND IS OFFICIALLY GOING TO CANADA IN A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its been quite a process getting through all the paperwork and interviews but I am so excited for her! :) Its kind of hilarious to see all the hectic, predeparture activities too. I must say I'm quite relieved to be through with all that.

So here are a couple accomplishments from the past week.

#1 I read a 65 page book in Spanish. Yeah it had a few pictures and it was definitely a little kids chapter book but STILL... I read a book! And understood the plot! :)

#2 Most of you know that I have an aweful sence of direction but I am proud to say that I have been paying attention over here and am pretty well orientated. I haven't gotten lost once. I know the cardinal directions. I am learning the names and position of the districts of Lima. And I can get to the track, gym, metropolitano, panederia, metro and park without a problem.

#3 I gave a 5-10 minute speach in Spanish about Wenatchee. It was at a Rotary meeting and I thought I got to use a powerpoint to help but it turned out there wasn't a projector so it was alllllllllllll oral! YIKES!

#4 I survived my first week of school. Actually I did better than survive, I enjoyed my first week of school! My classmates are super welcoming and I fit in pretty well thanks to that lovely uniform. :) Well, other than the fact that I am blond, pale and 6 inches taller than almost all the girls. But still, its been great and I am getting to know everyone really quickly since we stay in the same room all day long. That aspect makes it feel like elementry school all over again. Plus the fact that we have recess. :) Anyway, favorite classes would definitely be physics, math, art and PE. The more difficult ones are communication, religion and history.

#5 I played chess!



  1. Chelan Pauly bueno con up mapa? !Incredible!

    Y buenos suerte con chess.

    Su padre