Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Caminata and Fountains

On Saturday a group of friends from my colegio came over for almuerzo and we went on a walking adventure through Lima. Maybe it doesn't sound like the most exciting thing to do but I was very, very happy :) First of all we had fideos con salsa roja for lunch. Translation = spaghetti. And you all know that I LOVE spaghetti!!! Ironically enough this was also the day of the Wenatchee XC time trial and Skye's first college XC race. So you could call it a mini pasta feed in honor of my running buddies. Anyway, the other reason that I was perfectly content is that it was a gorgeous sunny day. The plan was to follow the Malecon (a path that boarders the coast with a really pretty view of the ocean) through three districts of Lima until we reached Larcomar (shopping center). Unfortunately the excess of gated neighborhoods inhibited our progress and we ended up walking farther inland. Lima has a few issues with security and breakins so there are lots and lots of metal gates blocking off streets. Technically they aren't exactly legal because it makes public property inaccessable but most of the neighbors are happy to sacrifice convenience for security. I can't say I'm a fan of these things and sometimes it is more than a little inconvenient... At one point we found ourselves completely locked in and had to beg a random guy with keys to let us out. Anyway, it was really interesting to walk through Barranco and see the 500 year old buildings and HUGE trees. It seems to be one of the older neighborhoods in Lima and has an interesting combination of historic buildings and discotecos. haha

Sunday night we went to this park with tons of fountains and lights and music. Each fountain is unique with something especially interesting to do. For example, one of them was a HUGE tunnel where you get to walk about 50 meters under the water without getting wet. Another is kind of an obstacle course with water that randomly changes in time to the music. My dad and I spent a good 5 minutes studying the pattern and successfully made it to the center without getting wet. Thank goodness becuase it was rather chilly and the people who weren't as lucky looked extremely cold!!! The combination of walking at night, listening to classical music and watching the water/light display is incredibly zenful (probably not a word but you get the point). Kind of like YOGA! :)

Today we had a meeting with the president of Rotary International. Yup, the big man himself... He's from Missouri and doesn't speak a drop of Spanish so it was rather hilarious when I welcomed him on behalf of all the exchange students and then his translator had to wisper the english version of what I had said :) It was a 2 hour meeting primarily with the Rotary youth (interact, rotaract, and exchangees) and it was more or less interesting. I love the concept of Rotary and the service opportunities and the genuinely good people involved but sometimes I get a little tired of all the talking...

Oooooh I made oatmeal peanutbutter cookies yesterday!!! DELICIOUS

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  1. "I love the concept of Rotary and the service opportunities and the genuinely good people involved but sometimes I get a little tired of all the talking..."

    OMG ROFLMAO...I totally smell what you're stepping in there sister.