Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This morning at exactly 3:02 am there was an EARTHQUAKE! The ground rolled and crashed and banged, the walls shook and...


... I didn't feel it. That's right, I slept right through the entire thing and wasn't even aware of its existence until I got to school and my friends were like "CHELAN YOUR FIRST EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!" And I had to respond with "huh explicame porfavor" Tragic. Absolutely tragic because to tell you the truth I have been wanting to experience an earthquake really bad. It is a big issue it Peru because we are right on the edge between two tectonic plates. The Placa Nazca and Placa Suramericana to be exact. We have been studying this in geography and we have practice drills where we all go running to the central patio during school. I have seen the destruction of the "terremotos" in Pisco and Yungay and have heard stories from everyone. I'm telling you, its a serious thing... so after all the build up I was slightly dissapointed with this anticlimactic situation. It was aparently relatively strong in Chorrillos too.(the district where I live) Anyway, now I can say I have experienced one of the infamous earthquakes!


  1. Chelan,

    Asking your little sister to come in and jump on your bed next time you sleep in should simulate 8.0 on the Richter scale. It might, however, be a little more dangerous than the quake.


  2. You can't write...what a load of poo. Chelan that was so funny that I nearly fell of my chair reading it:)